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Friday, April 19, 2013


You will notice a recent but slight drop off in the number of posts over the past few days. The reason being that "Local History" takes precedence over easy to post camera ready photos. The above graphic took quite some time to be refitted into rectangular form; cutting the continuation article from page 3, adding it to page 1, slicing up the completed text into one continuous column, dividing by 3 and inserting the graphic. Confusing? Perhaps, but with Photoshop software, "a piece of cake" which takes a bit longer to bake. As to the article and graphic: Trenton streets were laid out all the way back to Colonial times when residents never dreamed there would be any conveyances wider than a horse drawn freight wagon. Over the years as Trenton grew, the narrow streets were accepted as normal, and buildings crowded the narrow streets. I often thought how nice it would have been had we been able to follow the parking situation as seen in many mid western towns and had the ability to utilize 45 degree parking.

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