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Monday, April 01, 2013


Hey Mike Kuzma, in keeping with the spirit of this website's slogan, "Local History With A Personal Touch," I am posting this graphic which I combined with a beautiful Blake Bollinger photo of that grand old South Trenton Parker Grammar school. I would bet that Lillian is a relative, but that is pure speculation. At the present time, I am involved with the incredible history of the local school systems, concentrating at the present time of those of Trenton. The parker school was one of Trenton's oldest, going back to the 1860's when it was known as the Union Street School. Early Trenton educators named their schools based on the street on which they were located. The article in the preceding post tells the story of why  they decided to change that method of naming schools, and name them from prominent educators from that era.


Anonymous said...


You are amazing! You manage somehow to find never before seen photos of my siblings.

I just sent a copy of this photo to my sister in Florida, and my nephew so they can enjoy the picture of sister Lillian.
Her son Johnny Zuccarelli, former Mahor of Jupiter Inlet Colony will be thrilled to see this latest gem.
As you know, I attended Skelton School while the new Parker school was being buit.
Tony Poniticello and I were the first kids to enter these hallowed halls back on opening day.

Thanks for all the fond memories

Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

Mike, I really love it when I uncover photos from visitors. The only problem I had with that photo was in the original being so dark. It took a bit of Photoshop tweaking to lighten it up a bit. Enjoy!


Blake Bolinger said...

Hey, I recognize that photo on the bottom! I've always loved the design of this school. I hope we will all be able to see the history of Trenton's schools that you've been working on. Best regards, Blake.