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Friday, March 08, 2013


I have been following Facebook for some time.and always regretted the fact that graphics were too small and there was no way to enlarge them. Recent changes in Facebook's system now allows for enlarging photos and text, and accordingly, I will be posting many items on my page. When you get to my page, click on PHOTOS over on the left. The screen will change and you will see a shaded area with 482 or so photos. (Directly above the photo of HHS 1952 classmate Madeline Bencivengo) Click on 482 or whatever number is there and you will see the 400 plus photos I have posted. The photos will be shown in small size. Click on the first photo and it will enlarge. Move your cursor to the right of the graphic to a > arrow which is next to each photo; click on it and view the next graphic and so on. My comments/caption can be read on the right under my photo. Note that many of the graphics lack my captions or descriptive text. I'm working on it; it is a lengthy process with 400 plus to be captioned. For those facebook members who are not aware, my blog(s) can be found at:

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