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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Once again I will call on a visitor or visitors of this website to come forward with more local color on this particular view of Trenton which is not that well known to me. The photo is pristine and clear as are most of these R.C. Maxwell/Duke University Library photos.


Anonymous said...

The photo shows Pennington Ave, heading east towards the next intersection of Calhoun St., driving towards the "Battle Monument" The little shop where the "telegraph" pole is on the right was Mr.Natticia's shoe repair shop. I dated his daughter Jenny a lovely school teacher when we both were members of the CYAC's; Catholic Young Adult Club. I was elected President in the late 1950's.
To the left I think is Resevoir St. and the billboard in on the site of what became Monument School. The store at the corner of Calhoun St. (on the right) was a lovely market, quite modern for the day. It was owned by an Irish family named Nolan. Thier son Paul was a member of my Boy Scout troop at St. Mary's Catheral.

Hope this helps rekindle memories.

Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

Thanks once again for your incredible knowledge and experience with so many Trenton neighborhoods, Mike.