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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1929: HAPPY EASTER, 1929

I have written so many columns in these 32-plus years, that I must admit I have forgotten about many of them. 32 years of writing times 52 weeks in a year minus a few years for bi-weekly Trenton Times columns results in over 1500 columns! I am currently working on a carton filled with old columns and the stack is nearly 12 inches high. What's more, there are more in other yet to be found storage! I am currently going through some of these columns and realize that many of them were written before the advent of the computer with its digital abilities. Above is one of those graphic columns. In order to get this to press, I had to cut out the physical articles and ads, paste them on a white sheet of paper and take them physically to the Mercer Messenger office on Nottingham Way where it would be photo copies by the Messenger's graphics guy and published. Today, all I have to do is open my Photoshop software, assemble the graphic elements and save it is a graphic file.

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