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Saturday, February 16, 2013


On many occasions, I have found that historical research is fraught with inconsistencies. The above two graphics give an example. The 1812 State Gazette article says that the bank opens "this day" (June 1, 1812). Over on the right, and many many years later, the  1928 captioned photo says the building was erected in 1813.It is possible that the article on the left was sent from a location other than the Bank Street location. However, it is my conclusion that the photo and caption are incorrect. Perhaps there will be further information uncovered as time goes by,

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Anonymous said...

Tom, that reminds me of the "short cut journalism" you see today. With the Star Ledger, if anything happens in Trenton they post the same photo of the TPD blocking the street near the high school. One would perhaps assume that at some future time when a crime occurs at Clinton and Mott, that that's an actual picture of the scene.

Ed Millerick