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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Charlie and Inez Howell were regular visitors to Kuser Farm during the years my best friend Don Slabicki and I worked for the Kusers. Charlie was the consummate gentleman and Inez, like her sister Edna were among the most gracious and classy ladies I have met. One Sunday night at one of our weekly visits to the Kuser Farm theater, Don and I were setting up the chairs in the huge Kuser dining room/theater when Edna approached us and asked if we would chauffeur Congressman  Charlie through the Pennington area. What a fun day! We tooled the streets of Pennington as Charlie greeted citizen from the back seat of the convertible we drove. Don and I had only recently gotten our driver licenses but were already seasoned drivers having driven the Kuser Ford cars all over the expansive Kuser property in our early teen years.  

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