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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


How I loved Studebakers! Indeed, how I loved all the "mongrel" auto marques like Hudson, Graham, Kaiser-Frazer, Nash, and Willys Overland! All those "mongrels" were victims at the time of the big 3 auto giants that trade in values on these lesser known cars was nil when compared to Chrysler, GM and Ford.  We "mongrel" lovers would counter, that the trade in value of a Studebaker for a new Studebaker would be logical due to the fact that once you own one, you buy a new one at a good trade in price. My 1940 Studebaker straight eight four door President was a car I would love to own today. But alas, by the time I was financially able to buy one of those wonderful old examples of automotive Americana, they had all gone the way of the passenger pigeon. I note that one of the dealers carries a "Dilliplane" name. Dilliplane had a Studebaker dealership over in Pennsylvania (Yardley? Newtown?)

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Anonymous said...

Dilliplanes indeed was a Studebaker dealer in Yardley, on Afton Ave. It is now a service station. They had a small one or two car showroom.