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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I have a special fondness for old maps. Indeed there are a number of digitized maps in the Hamilton Library's Local History Collection dated back to the 1840's and earlier. However, one of my favorites is from a 1905 Atlas of Trenton, New Jersey with only a smattering of Hamilton Township which is shown in the map above. Over the years, I have been asked to define the boundaries of Forest Valley. The adjoining community of]
Cedar Lawn makes the task impossible for me. Perhaps a visitor familiar with the area can determine which streets fall within which neighborhood.

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Barbara Barnett said...

It is impossible to see the street names on the map which includes "The Valley" (as it was called by the residents.) I do know it included Forest Ave. (now Arena Drive) and past Taylor Ave down to the ball field. (Forest Ave did not go all the way to White Horse-Mercerville Road until sometime in the '50s.)