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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Long before we had 24 hour roadside diners, Peter Curtin slaved away at serving the public at his roll around diner on wheels. The photo of his lunch wagon presented herewith (thanks to Mrs. Roselie* Valenza Szmauz) has annotations written in by Roselie's father, Charles Valenza. You will note that those annotations indicate a Perry Street location. However, as you can see by the Curtin story immediately above, Peter moved around to quite a few different locations during his many years as a very popular street vendor. This is the part of local history that I love to read about and share with the public.
Note: Spelling is correct per Ms. Szmauz: *Roselie, not Rosalie


ron bound said...

$65 on a good night...must have been a fortune in those days. Ron

Tony S said...

More! More! MORE of exhibits like this. Most of us were not around in these days so a glimpse into a Trenton life, past is charming and interesting. With some imagination, one can see how our forefathers lived in a very different time in a very different city we all loved.

Tom Glover said...

So very true, Tony! That was "THE GREATEST GENERATION" and I admire and respect them.


Anonymous said...

Tom - First congrats on almost reaching 600,000 hits on this blog! An awesome achievement! Second, in this article on Mr. Curtin, is the George Curtin mentioned the future owner of the Lakeview Hotel, later called Curtin's Inn? I remember my Dad saying that George Curtin owned it.
Regards, Lakeside Girl