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Thursday, January 17, 2013


This beautiful specimen came across my desk one day last month, and in my carelessness, I neglected to get the name of the gentleman who gave it to me. As any of the docents at Kuser Mansion will verify, Anthony R. Kuser was the epitome of "class." His endorsement signature reproduced in the graphic above brings into focus the idea among many of today's educators that the digital age and computing has rendered penmanship a moot subject, and of little value. I vehemently disagree. Anthony Kuser's endorsement signature is a testament to an era when penmanship was an important and necessary talent with incredibly beautiful flourishes in execution. With the Glover family being very close to the Fred Kuser branch of the family during their years at what is today's Kuser Farm Park, I naturally treasure any and all memorabilia that I find. This ephemeral specimen will be sent to Ms. Patti Krzywulak at Kuser Mansion for inclusion in the Kuser Farm Mansion collection.

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Anonymous said...


Seeing the name of the bank upon which this check was drawn brightens my day.
It was 60 years ago that I was hired along with Pete Radice by this bank to bring banking to a new level in Central Jersey.
Pete and I came from a background with "Small Loan"Companies. Trenton Banking was the inovator that brought the "book of the month" club as we referred to installment loans back than.

We were based at Hamilton and Chambers, across from St. Francis and Trenton High School.
I knew the bank was an old institution in Trenton, but never thought it was back operation as noted by the date on this check.


Mike Kuzma