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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Marks the 20th year that I have been searching for definitive information on Hamilton Township's CAMP OLDEN. Back in 1992, I wrote a column relating to the Lawton brothers and their service record during the Civil War. In that article, I quoted Henry Lawton and his hopes that a monument would be constructed on the approximate site to commemorate this historic Civil War location. Henry's idea was a boulder or other marker at the foot of Johnston Avenue and Hamilton, adjoining the Lawton farm. Almost immediately after my Mercer Messenger column was distributed to the public, I began receiving emails and phone calls, and the result was Hamilton's current monument at the intersection of Hamilton and Liberty Streets in Trenton. As to my search for Camp Olden, it has evolved into a very very deep search into very very obscure venues, and will continue onward. There was a hand drawn map of the camp, but the local True American newspaper didn't have the ability to reproduce graphics and the drawing slipped into oblivion; what a shame. 

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Ron Bound said...

Tom, interesting history. Saw Bayard and West Point also. Thanks for posting.

Ron B