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Monday, December 31, 2012


The high definition photo of one of Trenton's most historic spots also shows an historical photo of the Monument House; a popular local gathering place back in the late 19th and up to the mid 20th century. It is believed that the building was constructed in 1888 by a gentleman named McClurg. The Google Earth view below shows the current site; a vacant lot.


omad said...

Kinda hits you right in the tummy when you see this. Went past this corner twice a day coming down from Pennington Rd and heading to school at Cathedral. So sad. What about the monument; still standing?
A Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year to you Tom. Your postings mean a great deal to me. Usually perk me right up each morning.

SJBill said...

Tom, the Battle Monument area sure isn't like I recall it. I remember biking up to the monument as a kid and left my wheels unattended outside while I rode the elevator up to the top. What a great view of the city from up there!

There were lots of smokestacks (still smoking I might add), which I interpret as a sign of prosperity. There aren't many of those remaining, are there? But the air sure is a lot cleaner.
And when I returned to street level, my bike was still there.

Q. Wasn't there a Monument School a block away on Pennington Ave? It was one of the newer schools in Trenton. What ever became of it as Google maps shows it to be a vacant lot?

Anonymous said...


You are off a full block plus, as the Monument school is on the S/E corner of CALHOUN AND PENNINGTON.
You may be looking at Willow and Pennington where the old Friehofer's bakery was.
Between Willow and Calhoun was Pashley Ave which wrapped around the School site.

Mike Kuzma

Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: The place today looks like a war zone. I went up in the Battle Monument on the Contemporary Club's Trenton tour. It was a thrill but the area was so blighted. It breaks my heart. I still love Trenton because I was born and raised there but it is hard to take. Regards

Jay said...

Hey Tom, I'm still loving your site. Just a small correction to your description on the Google Street View. The view is facing East on Pennington Ave (towards Trenton), with the Battle Monument in front on your right (out of view). The truck in the picture is on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (nee Princeton Ave) heading South towards the Battle Monument. Hope this helps.