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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Perhaps other visitors can verify the orientation of this 88 year old photo of the intersection of Hamilton Avenue with Nottingham Way. I believe the lower view was taken with the camera man standing on Hamilton Avenue and looking toward Nottingham Way. The auto in the top photo is heading toward Trenton and points west, according to that the LITTLE sign in the top photo, (next to the telephone pole) which gives directions to Pennsylvania and the bridge. This is an incredibly interesting and early Hamilton Township photo. The directory lists the NOTTINGHAM GARAGE as being on Hamilton Avenue, even though in the photo it appears to front on Nottingham Way.

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SJBill said...

My Dad was a little kid when these images were taken. I'm pretty sure that the first house in the lower frame is still standing. I'm 3000 miles away but the same craftsman style home is seen in Bing Maps street view at approximately 2462 Nottingham Way. It's a near perfect match with the shed dormer and chimney.

Across the street is the Booktrader of Hamilton, and Customers Bank on the corner of Grayson.