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Thursday, November 08, 2012


Tracy's! Now you're in my "stamping grounds." I remember my many visits to Tracy's on Hamilton Avenue across from Steinel's Pharmacy and catty corner (that's diagonally across) Hamilton and Olden were Mr. Schnur had Schnur's Five and Dime. Mr. Schnur was a wonderful man. Back in my youth, Mom Glover took me there to buy "cancellation" shoes which were shoes with minor imperfections sold an an incredibly low price. Mr. Schnur always took a close look at our shoe purchase, and if he saw a glaring imperfection, he would suggest another pair. As I look back after all these years, I realize that Mr. Schnur was much like "Ike" Godsey of Walton's Mountain; a down to earth storekeeper who knew and respected his customers.

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Tony S said...

If my memory serves me correctly, Tracy's 5/10 were owned, at least in part, by a local dentist, Dr. Fred Lefkowitz because Tracy's was a customer of my father, Siegle Brothers. Lefkowitz had a son, Zal who attended THS and was a member of their swim team. Later Zal changed his name to Zalman King and has a starring role with Lee J. Cobb in a TV series called "The Young Lions" before becoming a movie director and producer creating such films as Wild Orchid." Zal died recently in Hollywood but his legacy to Trenton lives on.