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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Local history isn't just photographs, even though they are very popular. There is also ancient history; history that I seek that goes as far back as possible to bring to light many heretofore unknown bits and pieces of local history. For instance: In the classified ads above, we find a gentleman selling personal goods, including "a wench." Each ad, like a genealogical family tree, yields names, places, and other clues that lead to further interesting research subjects. Therein lies the reasong I try to earn my keep as Hamilton Township's UNOFFICIAL historian. ( An official  post that has yet to be created; maybe after I'm replaced by a successor.)

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Bob Snyder said...

Tom, thanks for the articles and ALL the work you do to keep this blog and facebook pages with fascinating information about our history!

I do have a question about these articles. Three of the five state "Nottingham township in the county of Burlington" Was Mercer county established after this time period?