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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I received this great photo from a Mercerville Fire House booklet from Ms.Joanne Savino.  Many thanks for the photo, Joanne. You will see by the photo below from 1907 that we are dealing with the original Anderson's Post Office and General Store which I m told was on the south west corner of Whitehorse-Mercerville Road across from Bill's Olde travern and across White Horse-Mercerville Road from the firehouse.As to your memories of "every store in the town, we would love to hear your reminiscences from the Mercerville of past years. Many thanks for the photo and for being a visitor to this website. I hope you return often.


Hi Tom,

I grew up in Mercerville, my Mom & Dad and family on my Dads side were in the Mercerville Firehouse. You can see in the attached picture that Anderson's Market was right next to Gropp's Tavern, then next to that was a parking lot and then Gropp's Hardware store.
I walked that way on my way to Our Lady of Sorrows School every day. I lived in Anderson's Market, penny candy, small toys, popsicles, how I loved to go in there!
I can tell you every store and where it was in Mercerville.  Some things you never forget.
If you want other pics from the book where I found this let me know.

Thanks for the memories,

Joanne Rigley Savino


Harry Z said...

There were actually two stores. Anderson's Market at the end by the parking lot. Next to that was the E&W Sweet Shoppe owmed by Ethel Nutt and her husband around 1961. It was origionally owned by Mr Cook(Cook's Sweet Shoppe)who lived at the cor. of Quakerbridge Rd & New St.

Doobie said...

Hey Tom, do you remember when the fire was at Anderson's Market (between where Delcrest Medical Supplies and Bill's Tavern is now) that caused them to raze the property and make it a parking lot?