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Saturday, October 13, 2012


I know you must all miss me, but I am in the midst of correcting a huge computer problem involving internet access taken over by a third party hacker. Please know that I am diligently working on the problem which was caused by a strange virus that I am in the process of nuking. Said virus had me so angry that I decided if and when I found the party responsible I would personally clean his clock. Explanation: When I type in a  URL such as ( my request is intercepted by an un-related destination which brings up a screen with any and all variations of GLOVER; IE: "Gloves, wholesale," "Glove manufacturers," etc. all but my glover320 website!


Ron Bound said...

Best of luck, Tom.

Anonymous said...

Missed you? Hmmmm, better adjust those dang sights again.

Ed M.