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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It has been a very long time since these two guys were the young and vibrant lads shown in the above graphic. My high school singing buddy, Airman 1st Class Lee Belardino is shown in the photo on the left and Private Tom Glover on the right, both new recruits as we filled our obligation to serve time in the U.S. military. On a personal basis, I think we would have far less juvenile crime, gangs and social unrest if America would return to the years when each young man was obligated to give a minimum of 2 years to his country. My guess would be that many young men who are now gang members would see there is another path to life's journey with a term of military service under his belt.  


Lee Belardino said...

Where did you get that picture?Who is that kid?Thanks fpr the promotion but I was only an airman 3rd class at that time.After 21 yeras retired as Master. Your picture reminds of the # 1 base and the star You of "Tulip time".BY THE WAY i AGREE WITH YOU 1000%.In fact I think we should restart the draft with only physical exemptions. You owe the privilege for being born in the U.S.A.Keep on shining soldier.Your buddy

Ron Bound said...

Tom, Lee, thanks for your service. I agree that everyone should do training, and then service to their country for 2 years at least...and it wouldn't necessarily have to be Military, after the training session. They could serve in some of other way. I remember my first week, in 1959, and thought, "Damn, we are in trouble", with guys going every which way. But was amazed what a team we had become, in only a week. USAF 1959-1989, in case you wondered why I wasn't around Hamilton/Hamilton Township/Trenton a lot. :)

Tom Glover said...

LEE: You sent that photo to Judy way back when you first entered the A.F. Sorry for not knowing that a single stripe was for an airman 3rd class. I assumed that it was like an army PFC. That photo of you also brought back pleasant memories of one of our star tenors.

Ron: Thank you for your comment. Quite honestly I don't understand why they discontinued the draft and went to a volunteer service. I do believe that many of those young turks who are joining gangs would benefit by experiencing the hardships and discipline we all had to experience. My army career made a man of me.