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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


I just received a donation of two "ARGUS" yearbooks (1946 and 1950)  to include in the "JUNIOR 4" folder in the Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection. and this photo stood out loud and clear. It is from the 1950 edition with 4 other persons under the label,  "These Are the Leaders."


Tony S said...

Is this gentleman the father of the current US Supreme Court Justice?

Anonymous said...

It certainly is!
I had Mr. Alito while at Jr.4 46-49. Dick Robinson succeeded Grace Dunn as Principal, and would later become Supt. of Trenton School.
Mr. Alito's sister Helen was a secretary in Dr. Robinson's office.
She was as sweet as her brother was stern. Mr. Alito left teaching and began work with the State, in legislative services, when we became reaquainted.
A few years ago I sent Mr. Justice Alito a note enclosing some photos of his dad and aunt Helen. At the same time I sent Justice Scalia, whose Uncles and Aunts were close friends. Justice Alito sent a beautiful personal note and Scalia apparently neglected to respond.
Both were born at St. Francis Hospital. Where else but Trenton could you find two Surpreme Court Justices sitting on the bench at the same time.
Sam Alito was highly reognizable with his tweed jackets, and ever present pipe.

Mike Kuzma

Tony S said...

Thanks for the interesting response. Very impressive on many counts.
My claim to fame on this topic is that I went to school with Dick Robinson's son Richard who attended Junior Three.

Bob Chianese said...

I don't know how working class union places like Trenton and New Jersey produced these ultra conservative justices. Big slices of my generation turned conservative once we got our pensions and medical benefits--let others fend for themselves. I shared a high school teacher with Justice Sam Alito and expect she would flip if she knew what this Court was doing to public education. Mr Aloof and Mr. Arrogant grew up like me, Italian-American, but seemed to miss the generosity of spirit that enabled the immigrants to survive by supporting each other, with government help. I'd have no college without state help and my family would have suffered without union-pushed health benefits. I suspect Alito is troubled, though Scalia not.

oracio villegas said...

I just found a Argus 1939 junior high school yearbook and mr. Sam Alito is in this one and signed too. Theres a few signatures and my curiosity took me here