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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Here's an intersection that looks far different from the Google Earth view of the intersection. Perhaps a visitor from Lawrenceville can add descriptive info as to the building shown on the right side of the road.


SJBill said...

Tom, I'm pretty sure that's the Lawrence Road Volunteer Fire Department.

Michael said...


I confirm your notion.
That was the original building, where now stands the Rescue Squad Bldg.
The Bryers sign is where McGraths Pharmacy sits or at least did when I lived up there.
St. Ann's original church in which I married in 1962 sits on the left nearly out of sight. It was replaced by the very modern church which is now situated there.

Dennis Bannister said...
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Dennis Bannister said...

Actually, you're almost correct. That building was, at that time, the Lawrence Volunteer Fire Association renamed in 1953, I think, to the Lawrence Road Fire Company.
The original first aid squad is located directly behind the firehouse. A new rescue squad building was erected at the end of Pilla Ave behind the firehouse.
The new firehouse, as it stands now, was built onto the right side of the original building in the lot where we used to play softball. The was also a RC Maxwell billboard located there.
You can get more info by going here
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