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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Through many years of his adult life, the late Mike Rusnak quietly collected and assembled historical photos and articles relating to the DeCou Volunteer Fire Company which was among his "first loves," and the Fairview Park-DeCou and White Horse area of Hamilton Township. Mike was also a ready contributor to the local press with his poignant political positions. Bottom line: Michael Rusnak was a true un-recognized historic asset to our community. Mike's photos and articles on history and operation of the DeCou Volunteer Fire Company are a very welcome addition to the Hamilton Township Public Library's Local History Collection. Were it not for Mike's daughter Karyn Rusnak Benton, these irreplaceable moments in time would be in the recycle bin.


Jim C said...

Karen Rusnak Benton should receive a commendation from the Township of Hamilton for her thoughtfulness in preserving local history.

Tom Glover said...

I agree, Jim. Unfortunately local history is not necessarily a priority in many municipalities.

Tom Glover

Karyn Rusnak Benton said...

Thank you! So happy to have found a safe home for all my father's hard work. He would not believe the power of computers in sharing his love for Hamilton Township today! Jim, I recall seeing an original photograph of a group of young people taken at White City. It is in the collection somewhere! Happy hunting!

Karyn Rusnak Benton