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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen visitors to this site. I introduce the late Mr. Michael Rusnak, pioneer resident of the "Fairview Park" (DeCou) section of Hamilton Township. There are many local citizens who go through life proving to be very productive to the community in which they lived and loved, and are never formally recognized. I could never figure it out. It may be due to the fact that these talented persons somehow pose an intellectual or professional or political challenge to those who avoid recognizing these citizens. Such was the case with Mike Rusnak. He was a very intelligent and productive Hamiltonian and like many then and now, never received the recognition which he deserved as a community standout. Mike was a local activist who had an interest in local politics and politicians. Mike's daugter, Mrs. Karyn Rusnak Benton has donated his very comprehensive collection of local letters, photos and other historic memorabilia relating to the DeCou section of Hamilton, the DeCou Volunteer Fire Company, Hamilton High School, and numerous other bits and pieces of history that will posthumously recognize Mike Resnak as the valuable citizen he was. I will be posting many of Mike's historic items and at the same time saving them digitally in the "MIKE RUSNAK COLLECTION" where it will repose along with the transportation collection of the late Leland Buker. Historians are extremely grateful when a survivor of a family decides not to throw away valuable historic material. Mike was a regular "LETTERS TO THE EDITOR" contributor throughout his years of living here in Hamilton Township.

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