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Thursday, August 09, 2012


I have taken the liberty of replacing the originally published photo of George Conwell and replaced it with the photo that appears in the article I found on Google when I searched for the August 8 Trenton TImes article "Retiring Director." The gentleman who is leaving us and moving on to a well deserved retirement is one of the more ardent champions of the Hamilton Library's Local History Collection. It was he who knew the highly technical "ins and outs" of the "high tech" appliances required in order to bring Hamilton Township into the 21st century with digital historical databases. Thanks to Mr. Conwell, the library has a tabloid scanner, a tabloid printer, and a database of historic digital files from A ("Abbott") through "Y" (Yardville), a very popular Hamilton-Trenton-Mercer County website, with well over 500,000 visitors and averaging 300 to 400 visits per day from around the globe. You will be missed, George Conwell.

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Ron Bound said...

George, enjoy your well earned retirement.