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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Just look at all those pedestrians in the once viable downtown Trenton, long before the town was transformed into a glass encrusted office center, minus anchor stores like Kresge's, Woolworth's, Yard's, etc. The malls and the riots of the 1960's along with narrow streets that preclude street side parking all combined to render the Trenton I knew as


Anonymous said...

Right above the W.T. Grant store is a sign for the Hotel Windsor; I never heard of that one.

Ed Millerick

Anonymous said...

Sure you did Ed.

Just a few months ago, Tom wrote about the Tropical Drink shop on State/Broad, I mentioned another on No. Warren, and Hanover, at which time I mentioned the Windsor Hotel as part of a National Chain which catered to "Traveling Salesmen" AKA a hot sheet hotel.
Mentioned it again when Tom Posted a photo back a month or two on the Trenton Savings Fund Building, adjaent to the Windsor.

Sheeeeeeeesh your younger than me!!


PS you never did respond to my question as to where and when you grew up in Trenton.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry. Olden Avenue in Wilbur till about 1953 and then Ellis and Heil; I'm only a puppy at 63 now. Where did you grow up Mike? I finally moved north to take a promotion in about 1979 and then back to Washington Crossing for a few and then finally to Flemington. My heart is still in Trenton in many ways as you can tell.

Anonymous said...


My roots were in South Trenton along the river. Born on Fall St. moved next to the Trent house in late 40's, than to So. Broad near Cedar lane.
Raised my family in Penninton, bought my first farm for restoration in 78 and lived in Ringoes on Various Farms I restored and subdivded till I went into semi retirement in 2001 and commuted between homes in VA, and Princeton. Finally settled here in
the Tidewater area.
You must have known Gene, and Dottie Kalinowski from your time at Ellis, and Heil>

Best wishes

Mike kuzma

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell if that comment took or was bounced, but Dottie was my Cousin.

Ed Millerick