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Thursday, August 02, 2012

1937: Matt Kearney revives an earlier St. Francis School photo

Enjoy your memory lane! Vividly remember most of the street scenes and many of the people. Saw the 1937 St. Francis School graduation Picture I was in Class of 1941 and would like to take a stab at identifying a few others in picture. Definitely remember Harry Kramer..
Front row center is the Pastor, Father Francis J. Yunger. Moving to the right I believe might be June Grieb, next unknown, Margaret Butler..
Second row from left, unknown, Al Callahan (Trenton Police Department), Donald Peoples, Josephine Quinn, unknown, George Kroehling (?) and Harry Kramer.
Matt Kearney


1 comment:

Ron Bound said...

Thanks Tom. I wish I had a picture of Monsignor Yunger from 1961, when he married Marie and I at St Francis Church.