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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Above is a
"Google Street View" showing the intersection of South Broad Street at Roebling Avenue as it looks today. The buildings in the R.C. Maxwell photo below is another another exquisite view of that area of Chambersburg as it looked during the "golden years." The photo has been carefully tweaked to bring out more detail of the distant landscape.


Anonymous said...

Was the sign on the left "Norge" for appliances?

The Apai must have been the photo studio? It seems that was there forever. I remember a Business and Bookkeeping teacher at Notre Dame with that name in the 60's. He was a very quiet fellow but even then so, you didn't dare ask a teacher a personal question. For that matter I don't think I ever remember a teacher commenting on their personal lives or residence. I suppose it was an ethical standard to maintain a distance between the teacher and student much like the division between the enlisted and officer ranks in the military. We did have one "shave tail" as you would call it in the Army (a lieutenant junior grade or O-1), having a drink with we enlisted folk at a local tavern. He never did that again.

There is one for you Tom! The origins of a "shave tail" for a newly minted officer. It was from the early artillery days and the caissons "a' rolling along".

Ed Millerick

Anonymous said...


As mentioned in previous posts, Lew Rosen the son of the "Schmata" merchant was a classmate of mine at Jr.#4 as was John Apai who I had also noted that Apai and Varga developed that corner lot into a very modern Photo studio.
Lew Rosen went on to Dental school and opened his practice in the early sixties at this location.
After many years of being our family dentist, Lew Retired, and his son Scott moved the practice to near the intersection of the Mercerville five points.
Directly across the street, was Leon and Phylis( Goldberg) Rosenberg's Trenton Glassery.
Next to them was a pizza maker, and on the corner was Budny Fuel Co's office. And who could forget that great "old World" spice shop.

Little of everything in this block.


Mike Kuzma

Ron Bound said...

Was Rosen's where we stuck our foot in the xray machine? Seems like it was in that area.