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Friday, July 06, 2012


Van Sciver Furniture; what a mysterious place for a young boy back in those 1930's and 40's. Visions of Prince Valiant coming out the front door was a fascinating imaginary journey as I passed by that incredible building on our L-9 Liberty Street bus. Van Sciver's was the home of quality furniture. Indeed, far above the Glover family budget. Ray Paskiewicz, what in the world is that fascinating auto in the foreground? Absolutely intriguing!

About my newly revised home page:
July 4th is past history and it's time to think of things summer. I spent some time designing the new "summer" Glover320 home page, and included some of the memories of a much simpler time. Note the one piece bathing suit on the lovely lady on the right. Be assured there were no risque anatomical body parts to be seen. Like the lady on the right in that summer dress, CHASTITY and good taste were the custom of the era. How I miss them! There's my buddy, Phil Rizzuto, 45 RPM records, "Stopette" in a squeeze bottle, the car which I so lusted for, a gorgeous Nash "Ambassador," nickle Kool Aid, and oh, how those memories linger!


rayfromvillapark said...

Hi Tom, I wrote quite a few comments, regarding this photo, but when I submitted it, it disappeared. Can't take the time to do it all over, but I will suffice to say, that the car is a 1933 Willys 77 sedan. Check behind the telephone pole. You can see the Palace theater sign and marquee. rayfromvillapark

Mack said...

The Castle !! :)