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Saturday, June 09, 2012


This particular photo is another from the Duke University R.C. Maxwell collection. It touches personal heart strings for me as few can do. It was here that I, and most of our neighborhood went shopping in all seasons. Tracy's carried a very comprehensive stock custom tailored to the general needs of the community. Just up the street and 2 doors away was Jim Stanton's Hardware store. Jim was an "Ike Godsey" of Walton's Mountain type merchant who had the uncanny ability to find the most obscure hardware items in his well stocked store. During my years working for Fritz Kuser, I made many trips to Stanton's for many of Kuser's needs. Right click on the image and click the + icon and you will see an incredibly clear segmented enlargement of the photo as you are standing in front of Tracy's as it was back during the mid 20th century.


Anonymous said...

As a four or five year old, I remember getting "dragged" to Tracy's 5&10 on many occasions. If you lived in Wilbur, it was the only store. Those seven or eight blocks seemed like miles. Mom was a very fast walker indeed.

Ed Millerick

Mack said...

Growing up I thought all 5 & 10s were called Tracys LOL