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Thursday, June 28, 2012


I have long been an admirer of the Boy Scouts of America, and an even more ardent admirer of the Eagle Scouts. My amateur radio friend Gary Wilson has been a staunch advocate for the Boy Scouts of America, and has devoted countless hours to that wonderful organization, all of which resulted in accomplishments that resulted in molding young and fertile minds which in turn has benefited our local communities. Here in the Hamilton area, Theresa and Steve Mundt family has a young son named Ben, who is in the process of attacking his project for the Eagle scouts that will be of extraordinary benefit to Hamilton Township Public Library and the entire local area. The graphics above show some of the crew preparing the foundation of a 12 x 12 gazebo that Ben, his dad Steve and grandfather Gordon along with Life Scout Ben Peluso are going to build on the beautiful lawn in a wooded vale at the Hamilton Township Public Library. Our many volunteers are unsung and often unrecognized community heroes.....Let's not forget that! You can bet that Tom Glover will be bringing numerous music and historic events to that Victorian gem when it is completed, as will other Library departments and local citizens. Incidentally, Ben Mundt's Mom, Theresa Mundt, is also a community volunteer along with the wonderful and selfless volunteers from the Friends of Hamilton Township Public Library. The "Friends" have been responsible for countless contributions to the library, including new furniture, electronics, and other critical library needs.

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