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Monday, June 04, 2012


I have taken a unique image processing precedure which I call "segmenting," and zeroed in and enlarged certain photos from the Duke University Library's R.C. Maxwell Collection. The above photo is an example. It giver a whole new aspect to an incredible Maxwell photo, detailing an area which in this case makes you feel that you are driving in a car behind LB59H. This photo was take at the intersection of Hamilton Avenue and South Broad Street. Close examination will show Capital Auto Seat Covers, the Hamilton Hotel, and other long forgotten Trenton landmarks. Don't miss that GORGEOUS 4 door Hudson on the extreme left in the photo. I always wanted to own one of those "underdog" 40's and 50's autos like the Kaiser, Frazer, Studebaker, or that delicious Hudson with the innovated "Step Down" design!

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Anonymous said...

And Griffith Electric where be bought all of the fixtures when we renovated our first home. I believe Mrs. Griffith passed on this year; she was a great contributor to Catholic as well as other local charities.

Ed Millerick