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Thursday, June 21, 2012


A riding club?"This was the era when it didn't cost $10,000 or more per year to educate a child. One of my favorite subjects over these many years has been the evolution of the school system in the local area. One glaring feature that stands out that is no longer in the 2012 educational lexicon are clubs that are aimed at cultural and societal student development. Hamilton High school, and I assume other schools of the earlier years had clubs with such quaint titles as "Etiquette," "Model Building," "Radio," "Music Appreciation," "Dance," and the list goes on. A "Riding" club was not in our directory of clubs at Hamilton High, but it sure would have been nice!


Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: A riding club is a new one on me. I did not get into Jr. 3 until 1943 and do not remember anything about such a club. We did have an indoor swimming pool which I thought was hot stuff but that's about it. But, as always, I love seeing anything about Jr. 3 and the photo with it brings back a lot of memories for me. As always, thanks so much. Regards

Anonymous said...

Well Tom, let's hope they didn't practice at the "Ewing Riding Club" of that day off Scotch Road. I'm sure that made a few of the old timers blush. It was before my day but became a tavern of questionable origins where one could bring an underage date. It later became "Maxine's" and was still a "cheaters paradise", very dark and shadowy with a faux "Tiki Bar". Later it became "legit" as the Silo Restaurant. Sorry, but hearing of those gals having a "riding club" gave me a chuckle.

Ed Millerick

Anonymous said...


The Ewing Riding Club was on Bear Tavern Road in Hopewell Twp. just south of the "circle that appears in the middle of the Road, before you head down to Scudders Falls Rd.
Nick Boscarelle ran it for years, and yes it was a "Cheater's pardise" Nick's brother John was a local Attorney who was highly respected.
I was on a date there one night, dancing to the juke box that never had the records changed, under the tinseled Xmas lights that were up all year long. The next day, i got a phone call at City Hall, and it was Nick, telling me he found my wallet. Why call me at work I asked, "because I figured you were out with your "Goomode", and I didn't want your wife to find out"
It lost all of it's cache when it changed hands.
What memories!!! and laughs


Mike Kuzma

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that correction Mike, it was indeed Bear Tavern, and Lord I love that old bridge and hope it's saved.

Well under Maxine, the Christmas lights were still there. That Maxine was quite a character and I'll never forget the comment of a pal of mine when he first met her and noted her assets, taking one look at her .... errrr ... support he blurted out ... "My God woman, who designed that thing; John Robeling himself would be envious?" No, I was not a cheater at the time but it was one of those places that you did have to visit at least once to complete the rites of passage as a young man
fresh from the military. And those "odd" Chinese symbols are still at the home where the Mercer Bus routes used as a turn around for the "B Crosstown" line of Mercer Bus lines that served Olden and the GM plant.

Ed M