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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


The photo above from Ms. Laurie Sheffield makes a very nice addition not only to this blog, but to the Hamilton Township Public Library's Local History Collection. The original which Laurie sent was somewhat faded and I did some Photoshopping to bring it back to near original condition. I have also dug into the "AUTOMOBILIA" folder and came up with an April, 1923 ad from Pierce Garage, wherein they advertise used trucks for sale.

From Ms. Laurie Sheffield, who sent this beautiful photo:

Tom, all I can say is "wow".............what a nice touch adding that advertisement......fantastic job of retouching that faded photo. > I am almost 70 and glad I finally was able to show them to someone who could use them....!~
Thanks bunches.........

It's folks like you who keeps adding to the popularity of this web site. Thanks very much, Laurie.

Tom Glover

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ron said...

I delivered their newspaper so long ago. Great picture.