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Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Those folks who have been followers of my many columns in the local press over the years will remember that I often repeat the quote Louise Baird gave to me at Hamilton High when I was in her choir:
"The true test of a man's character is what he would do if he would never be found out." Over these 60-Plus years since I left the hallowed halls of Hamilton High, I have tried my very best to live by that very intense and challenging quotation. Indeed, it is one of my rules to live by. Such was the case when I posted the above post many months ago. Don Tamutus was another who obviously lived by a code of ethics which guided his all to short life and political career. This morning I received this very welcome note from his daughter, Doreen Tamutus Nacht, wherein she tells of the character of the man. Many thanks, Noreen, it is really nice to know that I have struck a very precious chord for you and your family. By the way.......Don was an early computer "geek." It was he who began typing the manuscript for the current History of Hamilton Township. Unfortunately, he used a MacIntosh computer and somewhere in the transition after he passed, his work was lost and had to be re-done via a Windows computer. Once again Noreen, thank you much for the glowing tribute to your dad. He was indeed a rare commodity in the realm of politics. DOREEN WROTE:

Thank you, Tom, for the sweet words about my dad, Don Tamutus. I know there were times when my father made some people angry because he wasn't wiling to budge on something that he was morally opposed to, but he stuck to his guns and was, for certain, one of the most efficient, effective and ethical people I have ever known. And I don't say that just because I was his daughter. Remember, having a father with such high standards worked AGAINST a teenager, rather than for her! :-) As for the man, his honesty was ingrained in his thought process and he would never let an opportunity to teach us the value of morals and ethics go by. I can still recall a time when the cable companies were coming into town trying to sell their services to the township. They kept sending "gift baskets" FILLED to the brim with some rather amazing and expensive items! If we even went NEAR the basket my father would tell us to leave it alone and NOT to open it because it was going back! There was NOTHING that kept him from taking it, except his never ending spirit of doing what was right. He explained to us (as teens at the time) that he would not take items from ANYONE for political favor. As a matter of fact, when the cable company eventually DID come into town he was not happy with them and REFUSED to get cable (for many, many years) in our house for the principle of it. When he passed away I heard story after story from the people that worked under him at Sarnoff in Princeton and at Mercer County (a job he had for approx. the last 4 years of his life) about his moral character. It is nice to know that I wasn't the only individual that was able to experience such an honest and hard working fellow, as you stated. Thank you again for posting this and for posting the other articles as well. It's wonderful to know that I can share these with my children (who have also expressed their gratitude), and with our LATEST addition, my father's FIRST great-grandchild, Michael. You are doing a tremendous service to the people of Mercer County for the dedication you have in posting our rich history online and bringing memories back to all of us. Thank you again!
Doreen Tamutus-Nacht

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