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Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have been meaning to post this since just before my recent 60th HHS class of '51 reunion. This graphic has been in my huge "HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL" digital database since the 1970's when Miss Alice Wilhelm gave me her collection of early HHS yearbooks. I recently received a comment from "Lakeside Girl" asking about the transition from "Retrospice" to the more logical "Retrospect." Here's the transition. It took my class of 1951 to bring "Retrospect" into the lexicon and placed "Retrospice" in the dusty storehouse of academia.

Over the years, a number of Hamilton High alumni have asked about the transition from the Latin "Retrospice" to the much more logical "Retrospect." As you might imagine, this website is a retrospective visit to our past. Some Hornet in the past was probably a 4 year Latin student who was on the yearbook committee, or perhaps a faculty member who had a mania for Latin, and wanted to save just a bit of his or her high school memories and voila! "Re tro spee che" instead of "Re tro spect."

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