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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Once again, two separate graphics come together and combine to add another page to Trenton's past industrial and commercial heritage. I wouldn't venture as guess as to which corner this company was located. Larry's Bar is on the north west corner, but any of the 3 remaining corners of New York Avenue and Mulberry Street could have been the location of this business.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine the anthracite coal coming down the canal or later up river from the barges and rails of Pennsylvania back then. That was the best of PA, it burned longer and with less pollution than the "soft" bituminous coal. It also appears that there was a kiln stack in the right rear of that photo. Geography was probably my favorite subject back then and it did a fine job of explaining the world around us; what made the country tick and hum, how the coal and coke met the iron ore via the canals and Great Lakes. Gee Mister Wizard, is that how it works?

Ed Millerick