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Saturday, May 05, 2012


The Peter Doelger graphic is just one of the many graphics I will be presenting on May 20th at Kuser Mansion when I present "THE KUSERS OF HAMILTON;" a free admission and quite comprehensive on screen presentation of the incredible Kuser Family who played a very important part in the advancement of the city of Trenton and of course, their home town of Hamilton. Fred Kuser, one of the 5 sons of Rudolph and Rosalie Kuser, married Miss Teresa Doelger, daughter of millionaire brewer Peter Doelger. Keeping it "all in the family," Anthony R. Kuser set up a distributorship here in Trenton on Mercer Street. I have appended a helicopter view of Merchant Street as it is today; a far cry from its heyday when it was in close proximity to the canal which is today's Trenton Freeway.

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