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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The romance of railroading. I have seen that gleam in the eyes of those gentlemen who staff the Jersey Model Railroad down in the basement of the Kuser Mansion. Each of them has a passion for everything railroad. I would hope that one of them or perhaps another knowledgeable area railroad historian can place the exact location of the old depot. The article locates it on the south side of E. State Street. My question: South on the city side, or south on the opposite side? As I recall, the Tremont House would be on the Trenton side of the tracks leading me to believe that the depot was across the street, also on the Trenton side.

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Ron Bound said...

Never heard of this, but I remember being put on a train and sent to New Brunswick where I would meet my Grandma, and take the Bus to Perth AMBOY. I also remember Dad calling for train info and then chatting up a storm with someone on the phone. Apparently he and a friend called at the same time, and got connected to each other...probably early 50s.