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Thursday, March 22, 2012


I am (and have been) exercising "author's privilege" over the past month with my Trenton Times "Sentimental Journey" column and my posts here on "Tom Glover's Hamilton Scrapbook" centered on Hamilton High School ("West-Watson). Be patient, all you non HHS alumni, it will be all over after March 31st when journey over to Mercer Oaks for what could be our final reunion. Anyone who has followed my "The Way We Were," "A Look Back," and "Sentimental Journey" columns over the past 30-plus years know that I have written extensively as I took a retrospective look back at my Kuser Grammar school and Hamilton High school years. It's an emotional and nostalgic thing. Apparently my writings have had a modicum of success or I certainly wouldn't be tolerated in today's competitive journalistic society. So bear with me, all you who are "ho humming" my school retrospectives. I am still injecting my normal historical photos and articles. In the meantime, any newcomers to this site can take a look at It not only covers "The Class with Class." (1952), but all other years as well.

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