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Saturday, March 03, 2012


Back in the 1960's through the 1980's, I was very very active in St. Anthony Parish. I was a Lector, Music guy, Eucharistic Minister, PTA president, Holy Name Society president, and spent many summer hours as a volunteer trying to keep the very disorganized rectory yard as neat as possible during Msgr. McCorristin's time there. I just dug this photo from 2007 when I made a trip to the church basement at St. Anthony's church. The hall that I and my contemporaries experienced immediately came to mind. The original hall had old warn asphalt tiles that were impossible to keep clean and shiny looking. If any of my old time St. Anthony friends are into computing and see this photo of the basement as it looks today, they will also be amazed at how beautiful that room is today. While I was PTA president, I formed a team of fellow male members and we called ourselves "men of action." Bud Foley, Larry Allen, Freddie Allen, Alan Volk, Ken Warner, and a number of us worked like slaves to bring that hall up to a shine for one of our fund raising events. Ahh, those memories! I could write a fact, maybe I will when I retire completely.

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