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Monday, March 05, 2012


I was not in the Boy Scouts when I was in my youthful years, and I am sorry I was not. My oldest brother Len, along with my old friend Webster "Webb" Grimm conducted a boys' group known as the "Lynx Club" back in the late 1930's and early 40's. My fellow amateur radio friend Gary Wilson has been a leader in the Mercer County area as a catalyst for bringing young boys into that worthy boys' organization. Show me a military veteran and I will show you a patriot and good citizen. Show me an accomplished boy scout and I will show you a patriot and good citizen. The discipline and training these young boys (and girls for the girl scouts) are subjected to are really teaching them the art of living.

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Bob Warznak said...

Hi Tom,

I was wondering if you can find anything of interest about the Boy Scout/Cub Scout Troop 1776 in Titusville? Next month will be the 76th anniversary of the cub scouts pack receiving a charter from our local Lions Club. We are planning several celebrations of this event throughout the year and we would also love to get in contact with former scouts and scout leaders. We are hoping to be able to record some oral histories from these folks. We also hope to have a display about the pack's history at the Hopewell branch of the Mercer County Library. I appreciate any help that you can provide in spreading the word.


Bob Warznak

PS. I noticed that the graphic is missing from your Jan 21, 2010 and Feb 8, 2010 posts about the Boy Scouts.