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Tuesday, March 06, 2012


For years, Dr. James Federici and I have been in favor of utilizing the incredible knowledge of Hamilton Historical Society members' historical abilities to bring more local history to township residents. Focus was usually on the John Abbott II House, that historic treasure on Kuser Road at the entrance to Veterans' Park. Thanks to the incoming President, Ms. Kim Daly for presenting this display which moves the focus from the John Abbott II house (a true local treasure) to the real purpose of an Historical Society to show the incredibly interesting relics, photos and other ephemera of Hamilton Township. I was delighted to see a couple of my photos in the display. I encourage the Society to use any and all offerings I have posted on this website; that's the reason this blog exists. The very rare Nottingham Township Minute Book is on display in the middle graphic.
NOTE: The white "shadows:" seen in the photos are reflections from the fluorescent lights in the Hamilton Library.

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Steve Csorgo Jr said...

Grew up across the field from Sadley's - Joe Jr is my best and oldest buddy! Knew both Joe and Steve's families. Great folke and neat times picking apples and hunting in the orchards!!! Glad to see the house was saved and need to visit it sometime.