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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Back in the 1980's I was a regular visitor to the Hamilton Square Presbyterian Church to bring my World War II music to a number of senior citizen groups who meet there on a monthly basis. But alas, most of "The Greatest Generation" who attended those meetings have given way to father time, and rendered them immobile for numerous reasons. That beautiful edifice on Nottingham Way is one of Hamilton's historic treasures. The article above tells a tiny bit about that great old church. The directory of members is also quite interesting; especially to those who have relatives who attended the church.


Anonymous said...

Tom - Just a question - can you still get to the topiccs of this blog through the labels or do you have to use the "search" line only? I'm having no success with the labels listing.
Lakeside Girl

Tom Glover said...

Sorry, Eleanor. What you see is what you currently get in the "Labels" listing. I am adding to the labels as I restore the lost graphics. As to the white search bar below my home page, Google only allows 8 pages with 8 search results, total 64.