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Monday, March 19, 2012


This is just one of numerous full page graphics that are being digitized and preserved. The graphic which follows this will show details of the "Three Horse" Chambersburg fire fighting equipment. If your monitor is large enough, you will probably be able to read the interesting articles and ads on this 99 year old news page.

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SJBill said...

Tom, that three horse fire truck looks like the old hook and ladder station on South Clinton and Beatty. The place is now the HQ for Signal 22.

Back in the fifties, we were told the horse team and truck could enter the building from the Hagerty Alley side and drive right through the building.

The fire pole from the upper level was off to the side to give quick access to the team and rig.

This firehouse was about a block away from Harrison School and was a first field trip for the young ones. On these visits were were told "Never to make a false alarm" at the fire alarm boxes on many street corners, and if we needed to send a fire alarm to wait at the box until the firemen arrived and direct them to the burning building. We also learned to listen to the alarm bells to find out which alarm was pulled.