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Monday, February 27, 2012


The photo above is a reminder that February and March can be a period of snowy winter weather. The photo below is one of my favorites. Robins have once again returned to Hamilton Township for the 2012 season. Last week, I woke up and found a flock of at least 40 of them on my front and back lawns. Assuming they would be all over the neighborhood, I looked for them on my way to the library and it appears they chose my location for whatever reason. There were none to be seen on the many lawns I passed on my way to the library, nor on the huge grassy area outside of my library picture window. I would guess that their "homing" instincts remembered my home as a bird-friendly location because they seem to flock to my yard in the waning days of February as they return to the north. The photo below shows one partaking of a drink of water at my bird bath. A few days earlier, at least 12 were flocked around a tray of water that I placed in the back your for them.

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