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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I was devastated when word came that Fred and Edna Kuser's Kuser Farm was too much for the aging couple to maintain. My first indication came by a close neighborhood friend, Billy Dilts who at the time was working for Weidel Realtors. I just could not imagine Kuser Farm that the Glover family was so close to over the years being turned into an area full of "McMansions," with their vinyl clad siding and overpopulation. As it turned out, Maury Perilli, way back in earlier years was approached by fellow Democrat Edna Kuser about leaving their beloved home. Subsequently, former Mayor Jack Rafferty, succeeded in purchasing the land for the good of the public. The rest is history. Today we have a well maintained Kuser Farm Park, and even though some of the "outbuildings" are deteriorating, the mansion and grounds are in exquisite condition.

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