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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


As one who has an intense interest in preserving the past, the Jacobs Creek bridge is a subject dear to my heart. There are those who would like to bridge over that historic creek with a concrete and steel monstrosity which in my opinion would destroy the bucolic country image of the original bridges that once spanned that historic site. The Jacobs Creek bridge has been prominent in the news recently, and it is nice to know that history will be preserved. Over the years the bridges that spanned Jacobs Creek in the Titusville-West Trenton area have fallen on hard times. Above is a graphic telling part of the story, including a new bridge which had to be built just about a decade later when the Mercer County area of New Jersey became the victim of one of those fabled "storms of the century." The September 25, 1882 extract is from a detailed Trenton Evening Times article describing the incredible damage that "Equinoctial" storm caused in the area.

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