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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Wouldn't a 21st century historian love to journey back to that old iron works and view the incredible arsenal of scrap iron that was destined for the melting ovens! The article above from an 1867 copy of the Daily State Gazette tells of the iron works and the photo at the right is a rare and beautiful clear 1891 engraving of the historic Swamp Angel as it reposed at the intersection of Perry Street and No. Clinton Avenue.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, there is strong evidence that the cannon we climbed upon as kids and the tale and hardship of the engineering marvel just to get it across the marsh, indicates that it is not even the original Swamp Angel. Many of the marks or "proof" point to another gun.


Charlie Webster a former writer for the Trentionian; now with the Asbury Park Press, has done extensive research on this. Like yourself, he was the Trenton Historian, working out of the Academy Street Library for some time.