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Sunday, January 29, 2012


I have been researching information on one of the oldest historic families in Hamilton Township. The Anderson family roots go back to the pre-Revolutionary war years when Eliakim Anderson settled in "Nottingham," Burlington County. Today the only reference points available to this very historic discovery is the approximate location. I have been chasing this fascinating family farm for more than 30 years. The above article I wrote a number of years ago tells of Mr. James Anderson's battle with the "Biddle Tracy Gang" who were terrorizing the area back in the early 20th century. My research has revealed the fact that the Anderson Farm was located at the city line on North Logan Avenue, and extended all the way out to the area of Greenwood Cemetery, including all of the area we know of today as Bromley. Unlike the city of Trenton, Hamilton Township has been sadly derelict in preserving local history. Old maps and documents that should have been preserved over the years were discarded and lost for all time. As an example of the dereliction, many years ago, I found that the Hamilton Township Board of Education was getting ready to dispose of extremely valuable correspondence relating to the early history of our Hamilton Township schools with illustrated invoices from the early part of the 20th century. Fortunately, I was able to rescue them, and many of those pages are digitized and included in this web site.
As to the Anderson Farm, I have made it a priority subject to search and will be sure to post any future references to that Colonial farm that once stretched all the way from the Trenton city line, along E. State Street, Bromley and the Greenwood Cemetery area.

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