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Sunday, December 04, 2011


Unfortunately, the last time those projectors in the Kuser projection booth were run was way back in the 1970's when Don Slabicki and I did a quick run-through with a squirt can of oil. They are apparently going to be relegated to be viewed as relics, even though they are quite able to project 35 sound movies. How we loved those Sunday night movies!

Sad story relating to Fritz's movie making: Knowing they were hazardous nitrate films in cans, Fritz told me I could have them. They were in the chicken house near the tennis house. However, when the Township took over, they mysteriously disappeared. I remember there were MANY wonderful family movies. One of particular interest to me was on in which my brother Bud was working down at the grape arbor with Fritz as they were either cutting or pruning the grapes.

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